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Main River Cruises

Stretching 327 miles through twenty five (25) cities including Frankfurt, Offenbach, Wurzburg, Aschaffenburg, & Russelsheim (largest being Frankfurt & Wurzburg); the Main begins near Kulmbach connecting to two headstreams (Red Main & White Main) forming the border of Bavaria and discharging into the Rhine River. Not only was The Main River connected to the Rhine-Main-Danube canal, it was also converted into a navigable canal with 34 locks to allow (360’ x 37.57’) vessels to sail across the total length of the river. With regards to importance, the Main River has become a vital inland waterway link between the North Sea & Black Sea. Many of the popular Christmas Market river cruises provided by lines such as Avalon, Uniworld, & Viking begin in Frankfurt. Further, several of the (22+ day) Grand river cruises provided by companies like Avalon, Tauck, & Uniworld link the Main River with the Rhine & Danube rivers for an amazing experience.

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