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Seine River Cruises

Flowing 482 miles northeast of Dijon to Le Havre where it discharges into the English Channel, The Seine River has a long period of history with two of the greatest names: Napoleon Bonaparte & Joan of Arc; Napoleon wishing to be buried on the banks of the Seine only to be rejected subsequent to his death and Joan of Arc’s ashes thrown into the river from Mathilde Bridge, which still stands today. The Seine has also inspired several artists including Monet & Pissarro. The banks of the Seine in Paris were added to the list of UNESCO Sites in 1991. Most river cruise companies such as Avalon, AMA Waterways, Tauck, Uniworld, & Viking incorporate the Seine with the Rhone on many of their cruises in order to provide a more extensive itinerary through France, especially in the south towards Lyon & Avignon.

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